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Södra Öland

For a long time, I have been thinking back and forth to start up a blog that in some way affects and recovers to Nature and Landscape Photography, for example, reportage from photography sessions to product reviews or simply previous discussions that focus on photography. Therefore it feels really exciting and interesting that I have started with my first one!


Preference to the minimalist coastal landscape


The photography has followed me since the early adulthood, however, on a smaller scale, was actually in the 21st century as the photography began to accelerate forward from a longer hibernation. I have a broad focus on photography, but what I am passionate about is nature and landscape photography with a focus on getting some elements that do with water, usually there are views along the coast, but as well as being a rippling mountain stream or a water collection that reflects a sunset during a spring evening in southern Öland, as the picture above.

My strong attraction to the coastal landscape can probably be explained by the fact that I largely lived along the coast, from my roots in Karlshamn to today’s accommodation in Torsås, a few miles below Kalmar along the east coast with Öland glimpsed on the horizon!

If I should tell what characterizes my photographic style, it’s first and foremost three things, have some water involved, photograph in portrait format and work with longer shutter speeds, this will probably be a little red thread through the blog and  look up here and there in the posts ahead, but obviously I will take up much more as well. As for the title, Have Nature and Landscape Photographers More Fun? I hope that it will be communicated and, above all, infected with text and image with a large YES!

Welcome to my experiences through the camera lens!

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